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Power Raking


Power Raking is great a way to remove the dead debris and crust that builds up on a lawn over winter. It is also a gentle way to remove a small amount of thatch from the lawn without causing the significant damage that dethatching can cause.


We recommend power raking in the early spring before new growth has begun. Power raking is also a great service to combine with overseeding, as it opens the lawn surface so that new seed can get better established. Power raking is a great way to thicken up bentgrass lawns. Power raking slices the surface stolons and stimulates new growth, thickening the lawn.


Power Raking can be done in the spring or fall. If you are power raking to remove winter debris it is recommended to do it before the lawn starts growing to avoid setting the lawn back during the critical spring time growth. If power raking is being combined with overseeding we recommend doing it in early spring to allow the new seedlings plenty of time to get established before the summer drought and heat. Late summer/early fall remains the optimum time for any overseeding because you avoid the summer heat and drought and the new seedlings do not have to compete with the spring germinating weeds.