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Value Packs

Value Pack Bundles

Everything you need for a carefree lawn and garden


Weed Control & Fertilizer

About This Package

Keep your lawn strong, healthy and weed-free all summer long. Suitable for all lawns.

Spring Cleaning

About This Package

Spring Cleaning for your lawn and garden! Give your outdoor space a healthy start to the growing season and reap the benefits all summer.

Season's Pass

About This Package

The deluxe package. Book with us, and forget about lawncare all summer long. To save even more, book before March 31st for our early bird discount. This summer, enjoy the view from the barbeque and leave the gardening to us!

For Your Home

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Power washing your siding removes mold, mildew, dirt and environmental contaminants from your siding, leaving it bright and clean, while removing debris from the eaves prevents damage from flooding caused by plugged gutters. Take care of both in one convenient package and save.